Are you interested in staying cool and saving money? AC ReNew is a revolutionary lubricant that allows air conditioners to operate more efficiently, ultimately saving you money by optimizing how your compressor operates. Speak to the experienced technicians at Primary Air to learn more about AC ReNew.

Some of the Features of AC ENHANCER

  • Quieter system

  • Less friction

  • Better system performance

  • Cleaner system

  • Reduced stress on startup

  • Less wear and tear

  • Lower energy use

  • Cooler and quieter

  • Fewer maintenance issues

Effective Air Conditioner Lubricant

This patented product has been installed in homes and businesses throughout the country. It has proved its effectiveness through both extensive third-party testing and over 10 years of experience.


Over time, plaque can build up on the inside of an AC system from normal use and cause the interior components to break down and run harder. AC Renew is a type of cleaning lubricant that breaks down these plaque buildups and causes the entire system to run more smoothly.